Awards season is in full swing, and the big Oscars countdown has begun. In my practice as a foot and ankle surgeon in Los Angeles, I treat many pro athletes. I also treat non-celebrities. Here’s something I’ve learned: what matters most about our condition and overall health is not what we do occasionally. The real impacts on our health have to do with what we do 364 days of the year or so.

I believe in doing our best every day. Most of the time, we make the effort to eat lots of leafy greens, drink plenty of water, move our bodies, floss our teeth. And once in a while—we stray from our sensible regimen. But an occasional indulgence may be good for the soul if it makes you happy!




With this in mind, I’m not a buzz-kill when it comes to wearing strappy, outrageously sexy shoes to the Oscars, or an Academy Awards viewing party. Enjoy. And here are a few tips to stay on good terms with your feet when the highest of heels and narrowest of toes are among your occasional guilty pleasures:

1-        ROAD-TEST ALL NEW SHOES. Especially towering heels, and especially if you’re used to wearing less stratospheric footwear (i.e., lower heels). To prevent the likelihood of a fall, walk in them a few times and learn to balance your center of gravity before setting out on a big night.


2-        STASH A SPARE, meaning a lower, ideally more padded, more supportive pair of shoes. When you’re out on the town, pack along ballet slippers or a pair of soft flats to slip on after midnight, when the party may still be raging but your feet have had enough. Add orthotics to these “relief” shoes, and your feet will be so grateful. And, you’ll have more fun on the dance floor when you aren’t in excruciating pain.


3-        AND YES, I PRESCRIBE PAIN-KILLERS. These are the non-scary kind: custom orthotics which slip inside even the slinkiest pump. Find the style that suits your killer kicks at The new breed of orthotics really do reduce foot pain, and help correct your posture and movement so that sexy shoes are easier on your lower back and the rest of your body.

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