Born to Run!


Closeup of a runners feet barefoot running

Pictured: possibly one of the worst ideas since the manhandling of rattlesnakes. It’s called barefoot running. Even though our ancestors undoubtedly did it eons ago, I don’t recommend it.

Sunday, March 9 was the Los Angeles Marathon, and Doctor Insole was there to cheer everyone on during that 26.2 mile course through the palm-lined streets of LA. Can I just say, temperatures in the 80s? Gotta love some SoCal. It’s really a runner’s dream: year-round sunshine, and lots and lots of asphalt.

April 21 is the date of the Boston Marathon, and I’ll be back in my home town– Beantown Forever! — to share sole-saving information about Doctor Insole and how our game-changing orthotics can keep your feet (and tendons, ligaments, joints, ankles, knees, hips, lower back, etc.!) healthy and happy whether you’re training, running, walking, or just standing in line for a lobster-roll.



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