This past weekend in Boston was powerful for millions of people, including me. As many of you may know, Boston is my hometown, and my team accompanied me there to represent my practice and DoctorInsole™ at the Boston Marathon’s John Hancock Sports & Fitness Expo.  This year was especially emotion-laden, of course, because of the tragic act of terrorism in 2013. Then and now, the world saw us as we are: Boston Strong!


What you may not know is that my father passed away last week, as we were preparing to create our presence at the Sports & Fitness Expo. I miss you, Dad.


I want to thank you all for reaching out with great love and support.  I flew from the funeral which took place in one of Boston’s beautiful Eastern Orthodox Cathedrals back to Los Angeles because I had 70 patients who were counting on me. My father would not have wanted me to let you down. No way!  Then I flew back to Boston to support my hometown; to give free foot exams, support the runners, and raise money for The One Fund.  My mother and niece, joined us at our expo booth, (pictured above.)  It was such a pleasure to share this experience and spend some time with them.  With heightened emotions surrounding the runners, the city of Boston, and in my personal life, I am reminded about what is important in life, and for me on the top of that list is family and friends.

We were honored to give proceeds from our sales in Boston to The One Fund, an organization formed by Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Thomas M. Menino on April 16, 2013, with the purpose of helping those most affected by the tragic Boston Marathon bombings.

Thanks again to my team, my partners, my kids, my family and to everyone for being there.

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