State of the art, non-invasive procedures and minimally invasive surgeries for foot and ankle problems

Non-Invasive Surgery

The foot can be surgically treated in many ways. Podiatrist Robert Joseph is a pioneer in his field, and is a noted lecturer and researcher, who has developed new state of the art, non invasive procedures as well as minimally invasive surgeries for various foot and ankle problems. These procedures provide his patients with a quicker recovery time and a minimal amount of discomfort. One of the minimally invasive procedures developed and perfected by Dr. Joseph is for ankle stabilization and sprain. Most foot and ankle surgeries performed by Dr. Joseph are done through a very minimal incision and patients can rehabilitate over the weekend and be back on their feet very quickly.

Laser Procedures

Removing plantar warts of the foot, and lesions can now be done through state of the art technology. Dr. Robert Joseph, a leader in the field of podiatry, is removing plantar warts and lesions using the latest in laser surgery technology. No incisions are needed, and the patient experiences only minimal pain and and a quick recovery. Dr. Joseph is also performing the latest and most advanced in-grown toenail surgery. The CO2 laser used by Dr. Joseph provides the patient with a permanent result. Patients can also expect minimal pain and post procedure care with this surgery.

Sports Injuries

When the foot sustains an injury there are several contributing variables. It is important to understand the cause of the injury as well as the foot mechanics of the patient. Dr. Joseph’s exam and diagnosis entail understanding these variables. With this information, Dr. Joseph can effectively treat the problem by implementing a comprehensive treatment plan, including a prescription for orthotics to improve foot alignment, as well as active rehabilitation to prevent further injury. Each patient is unique, and this integrated approach allows Dr. Joseph to treat each patient as an individual with a treatment plan and type of orthotic tailored to their specific needs.

Childrens' Feet

Foot care and prevention starts in shildhood. Does your child show some common signs of foot problems? Flat Feet, Toes Pointed Inward or Outward, Persistent Tripping, Overlapping or Under Lapping Toes, Knock Knees, Bulging Ankles, Leg Cramps, Tired Legs or Feet, Corns, Calluses, Warts, or Abnormal Shoe Wear. If your child demonstrates any of these symptoms please call. We welcome children and families with special needs. We will be happy to evaluate your children and find the right treatment for them.