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Our team recently attended the 5th Annual Superbones West 2014 Conference in Las Vegas.  Yes, it’s got to be one of the most humerus –oops, I mean “humorous”—names for a conference, ever!

But this is the place where invention and innovation are celebrated among podiatry medicine professionals. We attended workshops covering important breakthroughs in wound care technology, locking plate and the use of custom compounded medications, among other topics.



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And, I introduced my new business concept: the private-label corrective orthotics. May I just say…THE ATTENDEES LOVED IT!

One of the core understandings of my foot and ankle surgery practice is that foot position affects the entire body. Our feet may be out of alignment for many reasons. And a corrective orthotic often is needed to bring feet and the rest of body back into high-function alignment. This may be the case following a procedure, for example. The result of doing so: less pain, greater efficiency in biomechanics (meaning less wear on joints, etc.), more mobility, and a more active lifestyle. All good!

Here’s how it’s happening now: I recently secured a design patent for DoctorInsole®, the world’s first corrective non-prescription orthotic. Some of you may have experienced the previous generation of prescription-only orthotics, and these experiences are what inspired me to create DoctorInsole. The insert I developed retails for about one-sixth of the price of a pair of scrip inserts ($60 versus $600), no fittings required, and they’re instantly comfortable so that you can start enjoying life more, immediately.

And here’s what else: my product is the first insole, similar to a custom orthotic, that doctors can physically private-label. This means that they can incorporate the products (there are several styles for both men and women) into their usual practice, making the benefits of a corrective orthotic available to a wide array of patients at a fraction of the cost of the older prescription technology.

This access to instant relief and improved biomechanics is good for everybody. Happy feet mean happy people!



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