NEW WAVE ORTHOTICS: Advanced Technology for Preventive Foot Care


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As a practicing foot and ankle surgeon in the LA area since 1999, I have seen the cost of traditional custom orthotics increase to the point that they are inaccessible to most patients. Because of this I have developed DoctorInsole™, the first over-the-counter corrective orthotic with patent-pending technology.

The internet is filled with radical discount offers on old-school orthotics from surgical practices around the country. The medical fact is that most people would benefit from orthotics, but few can afford them as an out-of-pocket expense. And, most insurance companies will not cover the cost, which typically is in the $500 range, except in the most severe cases.

The result of not having orthotics when they are needed is that painful conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis worsen, and injuries such as an Achilles Tendon tear do not heal properly, even after corrective surgery. The purpose of orthotics is to correct gait, posture and body mechanics. This is why I created DoctorInsole™ orthotics. They retail for approximately $50 per pair in a variety of styles for both women and men. The market for orthotics is now rapidly growing for two reasons, making accessibility to these corrective devices more essential than ever: longevity, and obesity.

Many people are living a long, long time today. While of course this is a good thing, the feet typically feel the effects of aging even when the rest of the body remains resilient. With age, joints become depleted of their fluid, so movement is often difficult, and many people deal with varying degrees of arthritis and osteoporosis as they get older. Orthotics can help re-align posture as the body ages. Obesity is a second huge phenomenon we are experiencing in the new millennium. While treating the root condition itself is imperative, orthotics help heavy people walk and stand more comfortably as they pursue greater fitness.



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