Here in Los Angeles, September and October are usually the hottest months of the year, with dry, brown lawns (many municipalities limit watering) and wildfires to prove it.

Folks, it’s HOT!

But September also brings New York Fashion Week, and the showing of 2015 collections around the world.  One trend I am happy to weigh in on: fashion’s hottest footwear darling, the Smoking Slipper.


Bear in mind that I do NOT condone smoking. It’s probably the single worst thing you can do to your health. However, this so-called Smoking Slipper, which suggests the elegant loungewear of the 1940s back when everybody smoked, is a good thing since it’s a fashionable, dressy, luxurious alternative to teetering stilettos.






Some of these slippers—often embroidered, and made in Belgium– are literally meant to be worn around the house. Others are made with a more durable sole, for streetwear. They have been glimpsed on the feet of fashionistas attending runway shows (for reference, check out Alexandra Jacobs’ observations from Couture Week, this July 17 in The New York Times and are a chic, reasonably foot-friendly addition to your Fall and Winter shoe collection.

As your doctor, I have to say—the Smoking Slipper offers little to no arch support, so I don’t recommend them for long walks on blazing-hot cement sidewalks. But they are cute, and better for your feet than this Smoking Stiletto.

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